Senegal Airlines is a new airline starting in 2010 with help of Emirates. The new airline’s acting CEO, Mr Modou Khaya, proudly presented the new corporate logo and aircraft livery of Senegal Airlines which showcases the rich and colorful African traditions, blended with the spirit and national insignia of Senegal; “The livery of Senegal Airlines symbolizes motion, progress and striving for success. The logo of the airline contains two out of the three national colours, reaffirming the company’s origins and home base. The title “Senegal Airlines” in the logo is supported and given lift by a graphical image that depicts the three colour patches which represent the national flag of Senegal. The logo, due to its wing shape, also symbolizes flying and aviation. From another perspective, this graphical image is also envisaged to represent the waves of the Atlantic and the beautiful Senegalese coastline. Finally, the waving/spreading feathers of a wing symbolism is there to graphically depict the friendly reach of Senegal to the rest of the world, thanks to the national airline, bridging the geographical and cultural gaps between nations.

The slogan and motto of the new Senegalese flag carrier is “Join the skies in celebration”; and we trust that you will all do just that with us. © Photos Senegal Airlines