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ANA :: How ANA’s 787 should have been painted

Theme Liveries Posted on Sun, March 04, 2012 22:00:23

This is how the 787 of ANA should have looked (lower image), a design created by Lila Design. A more recognizable, stylished true 787 branded livery.

The one ANA is operating now (upper image) is a design by Boeing and lacks any Boeing branding… All the different branding positions and fancy decorations make the Boeing 787 Boeing design unbalanced and a noisy hotch-potch flying circus-jet.

© Lower design concept by Lila Design

Hamburg Airways :: New logo after copyright conflict

Logos Posted on Sun, March 04, 2012 21:43:47

Hamburg Airways had a copyright difficulty as their branding looked a bit too similar to the Cathay Pacific branding (see earlier post »). Today the airline introduced a new logo and added it to the aircraft livery, on the tail fin and engine nacelles. © Photo Keith Newsome

Aeroflot :: SSJ100 in Skyteam livery

Theme Liveries Posted on Sun, March 04, 2012 09:53:40

Aeroflot has painted one of their Sukhoi SSJ-100 Superjets in the alliance livery of Skyteam. It’s sad to see that the SKYTEAM titles are positioned a bit too close to the cabin windows while the AEROFLOT titles are positioned to low from the window line which make it an unbalanced looking livery.

This SSJ-100 (reg. RA-89005) is already the 6th Superjet for Aeroflot and will enter service on March 5, 2012. The plane has a 75 x economy and 12 x business class configuration, it’s the 4th aircraft with this configuration.

© Photo by Konstantin Sablukov