Dream schemes for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Concepts designed by Lila Design Associates BV

Aircraft exterior livery design concept (‘dream for king and kingdom’) by Norbert Lambriex, Founding-Partner and Creative Director of Lila Design Associates BV. The aircraft model is manufactured by by Lupa Aircraft Models. The ‘royal’ design, on an A380, was handed over to His Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima during their state visit in Germany by Diehl/NAG Netherlands Aerospace Group.

This livery is just Lila Design’s ‘dream’-design concept so it is not sure whether the Dutch government is going to adopt this design or to keep the present PH-KBX livery.

Of course the A380 size for an official Dutch state jet would be too large and over the budget. Therefore the Fokker 70 or a successor to the F70, like an Airbus A319CJ/A320, could be more likely.

Press photos by KPHoppe, Frankfurt Hamburg

The paint scheme design is a mix of he Royal Cross orange-blue standard and the new Rijksoverheid (Dutch State) logo. The royal ribbon is added to one of the wing ends to emphasize the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the House of Orange.

Lila Design made some earlier studies for a re-newed livery design for the Fokker 70 state jet. The PH-KBX (below: upper design) was already concepted and proposed by us to Her Majesty Queen Beatrix in 2010. The PH-KWA livery design concepts are our latest dream schemes for state and Royal Family.

Photo below: Norbert Lambriex, founding partner and creative director of Lila Design, is giving a final inspection to an Fokker 70 scale model prior to delivery to the Royal House.