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Nile Air, Egypt’s leading private full service carrier unveils 6th aircraft with special livery created by Lila Design.

Theme Liveries Posted on Fri, June 03, 2016 00:08:56

Official Press Message published by Nile Air:

Nile Air Unveils A Stunning Special Livery
Tuesday, Jun 07, 2016

Nile Air, Egypt’s leading airline, has unveiled a striking special livery on the delivery of its latest aircraft. The new Airbus A320 arrived at Cairo International Airport on the 1st of June 2016 with a unique livery commemorating the 5th anniversary of Nile Air and promoting the many facets of tourism in Egypt including the Great Pyramids of Giza, the pristine beaches of the Red Sea & Mediterranean, the historical riches of Luxor & Aswan and the cultural treasures of Cairo and Alexandria.

Ahmed Aly, Chief Executive Officer at Nile Air said: “As an airline with a proud Egyptian heritage, the unveiling of this special livery is another commitment in our drive to be a key pillar in developing the Egyptian tourism industry & economy. This livery, the first of its kind by an Egyptian airline, promotes the beauty, riches and diversity of what Egypt has to offer to all”.

The design itself was co-created with the leading brand consultants Lila Design (the Netherlands) with the aim of showcasing the Egypt’s wide array of tourist treasures and attractions.

This aircraft also marked another first, with the start of a partnership between Nile Air and Avolon, one of the leading global aircraft leasing companies. Based in Ireland, Avolon has in recent years become a key player in providing aircraft leases and the delivery of this aircraft to Nile Air, begins a new era in its business development in Egypt.

Nile Air and Lila Design

Theme Liveries Posted on Tue, December 08, 2015 21:31:02

Nile Air and Lila Design Associates signed an agreement this week for a unique project, to be unveiled in 2016.

easyJet changes livery design

General Airline Liveries Posted on Wed, February 04, 2015 14:03:38

Now that’s easy on the eye! easyJet has unveiled a distinctive new aircraft livery to mark its 20 anniversary. This is the first time the look of the low cost airline’s iconic orange and white fleet has been changed since replaced the call centre number on the fuselage back in 1998. The main changes see the trademark orange paint extended from the tail fin on to the fuselage to create space for a bigger logo, a new orange stripe introduced on to the fuselage and the ‘.com’ has been removed. All new easyJet aircraft deliveries from April will get the new look – it has 197 AirbusA320s on order, the majority of which will replace older Airbus A319s currently in the fleet.

Younger planes in the fleet will have the new livery applied when they ‎are scheduled to be repainted, typically every six years. The carrier expects 29 aircraft will be flying with the new look by the end of 2015 and 50% of the fleet will sport the new livery by the end of 2017. It takes around seven days on average for a specialist team to repaint a plane.

EasyJet commercial director Peter Duffy said: “easyJet’s aircraft livery is one of the most recognised in aviation. As we approach our 20th birthday in November, we felt a refreshed livery would complement the many changes already made to easyJet including allocated seating, transparent prices, flexible tickets and our award winning mobile app. “As you would expect from easyJet this is a low cost makeover – all our new planes will be painted with the new livery, but we’ll only re-paint the old ones as needed. It could take five years for all the fleet to sport the new paint job! Like easyJet itself, we wanted our livery to be as relevant for the next 20 years as it has been for the past twenty. The final design was selected by nearly 4,000 staff and customers.”

The airline was founded in 1995 by businessman Stelios Haji-Ioannou with just two leased aircraft flying from Luton to Scotland. Now it carries more than 65 million passengers a year on 700-plus routes from 130 airports across 32 countries.

Source: Mirror

Jolly good job easyJet, this is a wonderful livery!

transavia’s latest branding looks a bit…

General Airline Liveries Posted on Wed, January 28, 2015 13:49:52

like a 1 + 1 = transavia 2015

Emirates has state of the art paint shop

General Airline Liveries Posted on Sun, February 02, 2014 11:46:46

Emirates (Dubai) has provided this unique inside look at how it operates the world largest state-of-the-art aircraft paint shop:

Emirates, a global connector of people and places, operates the world’s largest fleets of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s, and to serve these aircraft, it runs the world’s largest state-of-the-art aircraft paint hangar owned by an airline.

Located at Dubai International Airport, Emirates’ paint hangar is more than twice the size of a football field, and has been designed to deliver quality that exceeds even the standards of aircraft manufacturers.

A Boeing 777 is stripped of its exterior paint in the Emirates paint hangar.

In 2013, Emirates’ advanced paint hangar completely stripped 21 aircraft (or nearly 10% of its fleet) of exterior paint and gave them a brand new coat. It took 6,550 hours in total, or 273 days and nights of non-stop stripping and repainting, to complete these “make-overs”. In addition to these major projects, the paint shop was kept fully engaged with over 60,000 other paint touch-up jobs on the exteriors and interiors of the aircraft, as well as cabin items.

“Our aircraft livery is one of the most recognisable and visible aspects of our brand. It is what people see in the sky, and the first thing our passengers see at their boarding gates. We take pride in maintaining our aircraft to the highest possible standards, and it is important our planes look pristine on the outside as well as on the inside,” said Adel Al Redha, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Emirates.

“It’s not just about looking good. The paint coat has to withstand fierce weather conditions, including severe wind, bitter cold and searing heat, and an exterior coat that is clean of debris and imperfections improves aerodynamics and reduces fuel consumption. Emirates already flies a young and efficient fleet, but with fuel prices at consistently high levels, every little bit of efficiency counts,” he added.

Emirates previously had a minor paint booth in its Dubai hub to manage minor jobs while outsourcing the big projects to an external supplier. Building its own paint hangar has helped the airline to better control total quality, and co-ordinate flight operations scheduling. Since the paint hangar started operations in August 2010, it has completed 59 full aircraft “strip-and-repaint” projects and several hundred thousand aircraft component paintings.

After every seven to eight years in service, Emirates fully strips its aircraft of their exterior colour and gives them a brand-new coat. A Boeing 777 requires a team of 26 to 30 people for a full strip-and-repaint project, which is turned around in just 12 to 13 days.

Emirates’ paint hangar operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It employs highly skilled and specialised staff for this purpose, and uses the latest technologies and systems including fully-controlled environments that regulate temperature, humidity and airflow – all of which are critical factors for the perfect glossy coat.

Since the airline’s launch in 1985, all Emirates aircraft wear their white coat with the iconic golden Emirates letters and tail fin in the colours of the flag of the United Arab Emirates.

The branding underwent a subtle change only once in 2000. The flag was redesigned to appear as though it was flowing in the wind and the letters assumed the new Emirates typeface making them softer and more in-keeping with the Arabic calligraphy. The new look had a buoyant tone making it more contemporary, yet retained the classic look which had become well-known since 1985.

Emirates’ first A380, which entered service in August 2008, will be due for a full repaint in 2015. Emirates operates the largest fleet of A380 with 44 in total and an additional 96 on order. It also operates the world’s largest fleet of Boeing 777s with 132 in service and 210 more on order.

Sources: Article: Bruce Drum World Airline News. Copyright Photo: Emirates

Special Carbon Livery A350

Theme Liveries Posted on Wed, January 22, 2014 10:32:00

On Thursday January 2, Airbus rolled-out its third A350 XWB flight-test aircraft, MSN2, from the paint shop in Toulouse, marking another milestone on the path to entry-into-service in Q4 2014. As well as featuring what Airbus describes as a “Carbon” signature livery to reflect its primary construction from advanced materials, this aircraft is also the first of two A350 flight test aircraft to be equipped with a full passenger cabin interior.

MSN2 will join the A350 XWB flight test fleet in the coming weeks and will be the first A350 to transport passengers when it undertakes the Early Long Flights (ELF) later in the year.

Airbus says the A350 benefits from over 30 years of composite material experience. 53% of the A350 XWB’s airframe is made-up of carbon-fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) including Airbus’ first carbon-fibre fuselage.

© Photo by Airbus

Hong Kong express

Airline Brand News Posted on Tue, January 21, 2014 21:43:53

Hong Kong based low-cost airline ‘Hong Kong express’ today revealed a complete re-newed brand and livery. The carrier also announced its future growth plans: it will enter the Seoul market from March and increase the A320 fleet from currently 5 to 11 by end of 2014. Additionally the route network will grow to 20 destinations (up from 6 today).

Airbus Group is the new name of EADS

Logos Posted on Mon, January 06, 2014 08:51:07

EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space company), the company which owns Airbus, has been rebranded as Airbus Group and clarified its sub brands.

Photo: Airbus Group chief executive Tom Enders unveils the new identity

Airbus Group, which kept the project in-house, says that while its Airbus brand has ‘strong public awareness’, its Astrium, Cassidian and EADS brands are less well known and together have created ‘a complex conglomerate, which is hard to understand and follow’. These sub-brands will now be scrapped.

Below the new Airbus Group will sit Airbus, Airbus Defence and Space and Airbus Helicopters.

Airbus’ increase in brand value and the fact that it is known outside Europe means it has been chosen to form part of the new company name.

Airbus Group says, ‘To continue successful internationalisation, the group must overcome the clearly perceived lack of corporate identity. The Airbus trademark fills this gap as its name has huge public awareness and a strong reputation.’

Airbus Group chief executive Tom Enders says ‘Joining forces under the strong Airbus brand gives all our operations and employees the thrust and lift to capture global markets.’

Exclusive vvip Boeing 757 livery flies

VIP Aircraft Liveries Posted on Mon, December 30, 2013 13:14:14

This exclusive white, blue and gold vvip Boeing 757 aircraft livery is designed in 2009 by Lila Design Associates in the Netherlands. It now flies with the M-RISE registration, operated by Talos Aviation.

© Photo by PHXSpotters, Ryan Schmelzer

Ryanair brand to be seen at AMS

Airline Brand News Posted on Wed, November 27, 2013 12:40:46

Within 5 years the Ryanair brand might be seen at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. That is what Michael O’Leary has said. He is negotiating with Schiphol.

O’Leary published the news during a press meeting in Belgium. Yesterday’s news leak learned us that Ryanair is going to fly via Zaventem, Brussels. From February 2014 Ryanair is going to operate flights from Brussels to 10 destinations, among them are Rome, Barcelona and Lisbon.

In the Netherlands Ryanair operates from Endhoven, Maastricht and Groningen.

© Ryanair at Schiphol. Artist impression Lila Design Associates BV

Turks and Caicos carrier renamed interCaribbean Airways

Airline Brand News Posted on Thu, November 21, 2013 09:53:19

The Name You Know, The Brand You Will Love

PROVIDENCIALES, Turks & Caicos Islands/PRNewswire/ – Air Turks & Caicos, the national airline of Turks & Caicos Islands announces the changing of its name to InterCaribbean Airways. The “interCaribbean” name was chosen to reflect the greater Pan-Caribbean expansion of air service in the Western Caribbean in the coming months. With this a new slogan adopted to reflect the mission…. Connecting you and the Caribbean.

For the first time, travelling between the islands of Western Caribbean may take an hour or two instead of a day or two. For years the ability for business and leisure explorers to travel between the islands has been nearly impossible. With the forthcoming expansion of air services, the citizens, residents and visitors will be able to travel faster and easier to create new business and leisure opportunities.

Mr. Lyndon Gardiner, the chairman of Air Turks & Caicos said “it is important for us to capture the life and the color of the Islands. We believe our new brand and colors represent all of the Caribbean.” Air Turks & Caicos selected design firm, Lila Design Associates, to create the development of the new brand. “An important part of this process was to translate the airline’s vision in producing a Pan-Caribbean brand that reflects the route expansion and growth of network plans.” says Norbert Lambriex, the founding partner and creative director of Lila Design. The lively and joyful Caribbean colors are renowned worldwide and should be recognized while our brand matures into a timeless and powerful image. The logo represents elements of the sea, air, palm trees and flamingos.

About Lila Design – Lila Design is a Netherlands based boutique branding company specializing in airline and corporate jet designs. Lila Design focuses solely on aircraft exterior paint scheme (livery), brand design solutions, specification of personal jets and commercial airliners. To learn more about this creative design firm, visit

About Air Turks & Caicos – Air Turks & Caicos is the national carrier of Turks & Caicos Islands, operating a fleet of Embraer 120 and Beech 99 aircrafts, servicing flights domestically to Grand Turk and South Caicos, and International flights to Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, Santiago in the Dominican Republic, Cap Haitien and Port Au Prince in Haiti, Kingston in Jamaica and Nassau in the Bahamas. Flights may be booked online at or by visiting our call centers, airport locations as well as your local travel agent.

Thomas Cook re-branding

General Airline Liveries Posted on Tue, October 01, 2013 15:46:22

Thomas Cook Group is going to introduce a new branding. The Sunny Heart.

Dream Schemes :: For the Kingdom of the Netherlands

VIP Aircraft Liveries Posted on Tue, June 11, 2013 13:37:43

Dream schemes for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Concepts designed by Lila Design Associates BV

Aircraft exterior livery design concept (‘dream for king and kingdom’) by Norbert Lambriex, Founding-Partner and Creative Director of Lila Design Associates BV. The aircraft model is manufactured by by Lupa Aircraft Models. The ‘royal’ design, on an A380, was handed over to His Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima during their state visit in Germany by Diehl/NAG Netherlands Aerospace Group.

This livery is just Lila Design’s ‘dream’-design concept so it is not sure whether the Dutch government is going to adopt this design or to keep the present PH-KBX livery.

Of course the A380 size for an official Dutch state jet would be too large and over the budget. Therefore the Fokker 70 or a successor to the F70, like an Airbus A319CJ/A320, could be more likely.

Press photos by KPHoppe, Frankfurt Hamburg

The paint scheme design is a mix of he Royal Cross orange-blue standard and the new Rijksoverheid (Dutch State) logo. The royal ribbon is added to one of the wing ends to emphasize the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the House of Orange.

Lila Design made some earlier studies for a re-newed livery design for the Fokker 70 state jet. The PH-KBX (below: upper design) was already concepted and proposed by us to Her Majesty Queen Beatrix in 2010. The PH-KWA livery design concepts are our latest dream schemes for state and Royal Family.

Photo below: Norbert Lambriex, founding partner and creative director of Lila Design, is giving a final inspection to an Fokker 70 scale model prior to delivery to the Royal House.

Avianca :: New branding unveiled

Airline Brand News Posted on Thu, May 30, 2013 12:35:45

Avianca of Colombia has introduced a total new re-branding. The logo as well as the aircraft livery design and all other brand assets has been changed. Maybe the livery is in a kind of ‘Eurohwite’-scheme but the tail fin livery makes is all okay. A very spic and span looking branding. Nice, congratulations Avianca!

Maastricht Airlines terminated

Airline Brand News Posted on Thu, May 30, 2013 12:17:59

A sad day for Maastricht Aachen Airport. The airport suffers from economical downturn and now it also loses its home based carrier. Without having flown a single mile, the brand new airline Maastricht Airlines ceased its activities. The airline should have started on March 25 but due to technical problems on the Fokker 50s and the withdrawal of the major shareholder the airline was forced to be declared bankrupted. Until now the airline sold 4000 tickets. All customers got their money back.

Cathay Dragonair branding

Airline Brand News Posted on Mon, March 04, 2013 22:00:20

Source: South China Morning Post, 2 March 2013

Branding pictures baffle Dragonair employees

Three mysterious branding-type photos are raising questions on whether the airline is moving to align its image with parent Cathay.

A new image may be in the works for Dragonair, judging from three photographs that appear to herald a brand relaunch. One of the pictures shows a model standing in front of a plane with the words “Cathay Dragon” emblazoned across it. Industry insiders say the images are part of a genuine effort to sort out the future relationship between Cathay Pacific and its wholly owned subsidiary. The pictures have been circulating among Dragonair employees. The airline said: “The photos are not from us,” but would not say if it had commissioned the photography.

When Cathay Pacific bought Dragonair for HK$8.22 billion in 2006, it said it would allow Dragonair to operate under its own brand for six years. The deadline passed last year.

One airline source said: “Dragonair is much better known in [mainland] China than Cathay Pacific, whereas in the rest of world it’s the other way around, so there are reasons why maintaining the status quo makes sense.”

Michael Wong Kai-wo, chairman of the 1,200-strong Dragon Airlines Flight Attendants Association, said his colleagues found the images on a website in December. Now employees were abuzz with talk about a prospective makeover, said Wong, who did not supply the pictures to the South China Morning Post. He identified the woman in one photo as a Dragonair flight attendant and one of the two men as a company pilot. The lettering is partly obscured, but it leaves little doubt as to the name or new dragon design on the planes. The photos may reflect an attempt to align the airlines’ corporate images, down to the Cathay-like shade of green lettering in the words Cathay Dragon on the fuselage.

A Dragonair spokesman said it had been “looking at design propositions in enhancing the airline’s image and service positioning, which is a rather lengthy process, and no decision on any design has yet been made”. Separately, Wong said: “We asked the company in a meeting last month if it would be renamed. The company said if it really happened, we would be informed. They said they had no such plan so far.” Airline insiders said the images had been published on online flight crew forums, and were among various options the Cathay management had studied to consider how the carrier could go forward with Dragonair. No decision had been taken, they said.

The source said there were various reasons why the two airlines maintained their individual air operator’s certificates. The certificates are issued by the Civil Aviation Department, which has to establish whether airlines have the resources and experience to operate aircraft safely. “I guess it’s not surprising that under the same group banner, they are looking at how best to handle branding questions,” the insider said. But he pointed out that Dragonair had recently introduced a new uniform and was starting a cabin revamp of its aircraft costing hundreds of millions of dollars, “so any branding changes that might happen are presumably at least three to five years away”. Cathay declined to answer Post inquiries and said it would pass the questions to Dragonair.

An image showing a model posing in front of the words ‘Cathay Dragon’. Photo: SCMP Pictures

American Airlines :: New branding reveiled

Logos Posted on Thu, January 17, 2013 15:12:10

This is the new American Airlines rebranding.

Germanwings announces re-branding

Airline Brand News Posted on Thu, December 06, 2012 16:18:39

Germanwings (2nd) (Cologne/Bonn) this morning announced the details on its new brand. The subsidiary of Lufthansa issued the following statement:

Germanwings, your German budget airlines, is about to revolutionize the low-cost market in Europe by offering the highest-quality airline experience in this sector in Europe. On July 1, 2013 ‘new Germanwings’ will introduce a completely new brand and product concept allowing passengers to fly ‘à la carte’.

Our passengers will be able to put together individualized packages ranging from budget, no-frills travel to a more refined passener experience with more advantages and extra services, all of which will be tailored to your specific needs. In the broader context of economy class, ‘new Germanwings’ will have three fare brackets with differing services provided in each.

The ‘Best’ bracket is our top category with business travellers in mind principally, but also non-business passengers. The ‘Smart’ bracket includes some extra services and the possibility to purchase others. The ‘Basic’ bracket is the purely low-cost category.

As of January 1, 2013 ‘new Germanwings’ will included Lufthansa’s decentralized European routes not operating out of our Frankfurt or Munich hubs. Our aim is a smart, dynamic and innovative service. From July 1, 2013 the new airline will officially be launched. From that point onwards Lufthansa aircraft to be incorporated into ‘new Germanwings’ will gradually be re-equipped and transferred.

Our logo is also going to change to reflect this new brand and product concept. The key element will be a stylized burgundy and yellow ‘W’, transforming the wings in Germanwings into a succinct icon. All of the airline’s aircraft will gradually be painted in the new livery after the brand is launched on July 1, 2013.

‘New Germanwings’ aims at being even more attractive to our customers. We will be deveoping our mobile booking and information systems, thereby ensuring direct and spontaneous interaction with passengers. All our fares will be displayed fairly with no hidden costs and our new cheaper 0180 number will replace the old 0900 number. Germanwings will continue to offer our enticing €33 starting fare for one-way tickets.


Thomas Winkelmann

(CEO Germanwings)

FastJet :: Features parrot identity

Airline Brand News Posted on Tue, November 06, 2012 19:28:53

New African airline FastJet features parrot identity

SomeOne has branded African budget airline FastJet, using an identity based around an African Grey Parrot.

FastJet, which is backed by easyjet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou and based in London, will operate across Africa as a low-cost carrier from bases in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Angola.

SomeOne co-founder Simon Manchipp says, ‘They are aiming to do for Africa what low-cost airlines did for Europe. And because it’s run by a London-based team, it will do this with European standards of safety and service.’

He adds, ‘For example on the Dar es Salaam to Nairobi route, a flight at the moment costs around $200 and the other option is to take a bus, which costs $20 but takes more than 14 hours.

‘A FastJet flight between Dar es Salaam and Nairobi will only cost $20.’

The identity for the new airline features an African Grey Parrot, which is used on the plane livery and other touchpoints. Manchipp says, ‘Not only is the African Grey Parrot considered to be one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, in African mythology it’s said to be one on the kindest and most generous-hearted.

‘It’s also a very common family pet across Africa, so it has a real resonance.’

SomeOne, which was appointed to the project following a three-way pitch in the summer, has created an identity which will be used on plane livery, staff uniforms and elsewhere, as well as working on sound design, animation, films, and advertising, with AccessLeoBurnett in Nairobi, Kenya.

FastJet has recently bought African airline Fly540, and the new FastJet identity is set to roll out across this airline’s 10 aircraft.

FastJet chief executive Ed Winter says, ‘We hope that our friendly new mascot and logo will soon become universally recognised as symbols of reliability, efficiency and safety.’

The airline’s website ( is set to launch next week, and FastJet’s fleet, which includes three Airbus A319 aircraft, is currently being painted with the new livery prior to going into service. The first FastJet flight is set to take place at the end of the month and the airline is planning to bring in a fleet of 40 planes over the next four years.

RedBull Stratos :: Succesful highest jump, longest freefall

Airline Brand News Posted on Sun, October 14, 2012 20:26:28

Congratulations Felix Baumgartner with your highest parachute jump, fastest free fall and highest manned-baloon record!! Photo: Baumgartner just after his safe touch down.

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